Explanation on 'My Creation'

We start this off by making a line segment, and then placing a point in the middle of the line. Click 'slider' and name it the letter of your choice. In this case, we're using 'b.' Change the 'min' to 0, 'max' to 5, and 'increment' to 1. Click circle with center an radius, and type in the letter 'b,' for the slider name. This should create a circle. Choose 'intersect two objects' and click on the circle. This should create intersecting points from where the line intersects into the circle. Select circle with center through point, and make two circles. One from the middle point to the left point, and one from the center point to the right point. Select each circle and click on 'trace on.' Do the same with the slider but click on 'animation on' instead. Now, we have a finished circle animation made up of a segment, a few circles, and a slider.