New Lorenz-Einstein Playground

Max Born
Lorenz-Einstein Playground
Note that the Lorentz transformation has been modified by Albert Einstein, in order to fulfill the equations and , i.e. the invariance of the speed of light is applied to all frames of reference. Using Einstein's equations the Lorentz transformation changes its features: From a calculation model of figures in translation status toward a model of sizing and shaping through movement.
  • Switch off all the scale features and vary the time slider or the ß-slider ()! What is the result? To describe this case, how can the formulae be simplified?
  • Play a little bit with the ß-slider! You will detect how the red coordinate system is shrinking. Just compare H an H' by x and use the shift-checkbox.
  • Switch off the shift and the lift option while increasing the ß-value! The red coordinate system will move toward the max value indicating v=c. The origin of the red system is moving toward t=0,x=0. Why is this a necessary feature?