CCSS TP Algebra I 1.1.1 Example 3

Helen purchased 3 books from an online bookstore and received a 20% discount on her total order. Each book cost the same amount. The shipping cost was $10 and was not discounted. Write an expression that can be used to represent the total amount Helen paid for 3 books plus the shipping cost. Simplify the expression, and then identify each term, the constant term, and the factors and coefficients of the terms that contain a variable.
  1. Translate the verbal expression into an algebraic expression.
  2. Simplify the expression.
  3. Identify each term in the simplified expression.
  4. Identify any factors of the non-constant term(s).
  5. Identify any coefficients of the non-constant term(s).
  6. Identify any constant terms.
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