Creating the 8-Pointed Star

Step One: Create a circle with center through point. Step Two: Create a line between Point A and Point B of the circle, then bisect that line. (To bisect the line, select Perpendicular Line, then select Point A as starting point and Point B as end point). Step Three: The original Line and newly created Perpendicular Line have created four intersection points on the circle. Select 'Intersect Two Objects' under 'Points' then place a point on all four intersection points. Next, select 'Segment through two Objects' and form a square by connecting all four intersection points. Step Four: The circle and square are no longer needed, so select each of them and click 'Hide Object'. Step Five: Select 'Rotate Object around Point by Angle' and select the square as the object and mark Point A as center of rotation. Rotate by 45 degrees. Step Six: Select the segment tool, then select one point of the new square as the starting point and place the end point on one of the two points of the original square that are directly across from your chosen starting point. Then, select that same starting point and make the end point the second point that is directly across from it. Step Seven: Repeat Step Six for the other 3 points of the new square. The intersected segments should form four stars and an octagon should be visible in the middle. Also, the second square is no longer required, so click on its four sides and hide them. Step Eight: The 8- Pointed Start is now complete, but the following steps demonstrate how to color in the shapes of the Star. Step Nine: Select the Intersect two Objects Tool and place a point on every intersection of the 8-Pointed Star that doesn't already have a point. Step Ten: Select the Polygon Tool and connect the points of each individual shape formed by the many intersecting lines. I started by forming polygons in the 12 triangles that are surrounding the rest of the shape, Then, I formed the polygons of the eight small triangles formed on the sides of the octagon. Next, I formed the polygons of the remaining 4 triangles and four pentagons. Step Eleven: To change the color of these shapes, simply select one at a time, go into the settings bar, and choose 'Color'. There are many colors available and you have the option to change the opacity of them.