Show answer app: a=RandomBetween(1, 3) b=RandomBetween(1, 3) c=a+b Use Text tool with objects a and b : a+b= Use Text tool with object: c Use Tool Box to show Text c Create a button with script: UpdateConstruction() d=false To be able to type the answer: add following: t=”” connect inputbox to t if(t==Text(c),"right","wrong")  which creates a text, add condition to show object on it to:     To the “new” button add t<>"" Click on the right answer app: Points on x-axis A(1,0),B(2,0),C(3,0) a=RandomBetween(1, 3) b=0 c=if(a==b,true,false) Behind point A script on click: b=1 If(c==true,SetColour(A,"green")) If(c==false,SetColour(A,"red")) Behind point B script on click: b=2 If(c==true,SetColour(B,"green")) If(c==false,SetColour(B,"red")) Behind point C script on click: b=1 If(c==true,SetColour(C,"green")) If(c==false,SetColour(C,"red")) Button with script on clickcalled NEW: UpdateConstruction b=0 SetColour(A, “blue”) SetColour(B, “blue”) SetColour(C, “blue”) Text Tool: a as an object Drag and drop app: create a circle c create a point C a= randombetween(1,10) b=if(Mod(a,2)==0,true) create a text  with object a which position you set to C On advanced for the text add to red: C ∈ c∧b==false green: C ∈ c∧b==true Button calles new with script Updateconstruction() C=(coordinates somewhere outside cicle)