Copy of Finding the Line of Reflection

Discover the construction to find the line of reflection
1. Use the Reflection over a Line tool to reflect ∆ABC over line DE. What is the name of your new triangle? 2. Using the Segment tool, connect A and A' to create _______ connect B and B' to create _______ connect C and C' to create _______ 3. Use the slope tool (click fifth box from the right) to measure the slope of segment AA', BB' and CC' What do you notice about these lines? Then, ________ ∥ _________ ∥ _________ 4. Click on the intersection of line DE and line AA', BB' and CC'. Measure the angle formed by line DE and segments AA', BB' and CC' 5. Write a hypothesis: Line RS is the _____________________________________________ of line segment AA' Line RS is the _____________________________________________ of line segment BB^' Line RS is the _____________________________________________ of line segment CC^' What Geogebra tool could you use to check if your hypothesis is correct?