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Volume of Rectangular Prism


We've been learning about volume in class. Watch this YouTube video as a reminder of how we find the volume of a prism. Note: This video will also give you a hint as to how to work out the volume of an irregular prism.

Numberock Volume


Create prisms using the sliders. You will need to write down in your maths books the different prisms you make and the volume of them. For example: Prism 1:    1 layer = 5 cubes x 6 cubes (5 x 6) = 30cm3   7 layers high   Volume = 30 x 7= 210cm3 If you get stuck, create one layer at a time. You can change the units to metres or cms, just make sure you write the units in your book.

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What are the dimensions of a prism with a volume of 288cm3

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