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combine graphs and equations

images of graphs

We want to combine the graphs of 4 functions with their equation. First we have to do some preparational work creating the images of the graphs. You can export the Graphics View as a picture (see the manual). Read the article in the manual and save the picture of the four following functions on your computer:
  • f(x) = x²
  • f(x) = x² + 2
  • f(x) = (x + 2)²
  • f(x) = -x²
In the manual you can read how to insert pictures in an applet.

drop-down lists

To match the graphs with their equation we can use drop-down lists in which we can select the appropriate answer out of the options A, B, C or D and showing a blank answer as its initial position.
  • Type the command list1= {"", "A", "B", "C", "D"}
  • Rightclick on the list in the Algebra View to open its Properties.
  • Select the tab Basic, check the option Draw as drop-down list and type graph as its Caption.
  • Define ans1= SelectedIndex[list1]. When you select the option A ans will be equal to 2. At its initial position (a blank answer) ans1 will be equal to 1.

Try it yourself...

Construction Steps

1-12Toolbar ImageSelect the Picture Tool and insert the pictures of the four graphs. Align them in the Graphics by dragging the defining corners. Hide these defining corner points afterwards.
13-16Toolbar ImageSelect the Text Tool and mark the graphs as A, B, C and D.
17-20Toolbar ImageSelect the Text Tool and type the four equations of the functions.
21-24Define the four lists and draw them as drop-down lists behind the equations. Attention: Make sure list1 is situated behind f1 etc.
25-28Define the fours answers as: ans1 = SelectedIndex[list1] etc.
29Toolbar ImageSelect the Button Tool and create a button with Caption reset and scripting commands SetValue[list1,1] to reset all four drop-down lists to their initial blank position SetValue[list2,1] SetValue[list3,1] SetValue[list4,1]

dynamic colors of the drop-down lists

Again we can use dynamic colors to control the selected answers.
  • f1 = x² matches with graph D.
  • The list colors red if the selection is wrong. That's if it isn't blank (ans 1) and neither D (ans 5).
  • The list colors green if the selection is correct. That's if D is selected (ans = 5).
The other lists are colored similarly.

Similar exercises

Numerous exercises can be made in a similar way combining slopes, signs, equations, derivates, graphs, a list of its roots or asymptotes, axes of symmetry...