Homework Section 3.1 -pg 151

Problem 1

Use the method from class to duplicate the line segment AB. Use the Ray Tool (Toolbar Image) to start. You can show the labels of a point by using the Toolbar Image button. Use the compass tool (Toolbar Image) to select a distance and then a new point to transfer that distance to. Use the Intersect Tool (Toolbar Image) to mark the point where your circle intersects the ray. Now use the Distance Measuring tool (Toolbar Image) to measure both the original segment AB and the duplicate that you made. Verify that they stay the same length even if you move A or B.

Conclusion Question

Did the length of the line segments always stay the same length?

Check all that apply

Problem 2

Duplicate the Angle using the method we discussed in class. Start with the Ray Tool under the line menu(Toolbar Image)to make the first side of your angle. Use the compass tool (Toolbar Image) to copy your first distance. Use the Intersect tool (Toolbar Image) to create the point where the compass intersects the ray. Use the compass tool again to copy your second distance and use the intersect tool again. Then create the second side of the angle using the ray tool.

Part 2

Now Measure the original and the duplicate angle using the Toolbar Image tool. (click on the points in a clockwise order)

Conclusion Question

Do the angle measures always stay the same even if you move the original angle?

Check all that apply

Solution for problem 1

Solution for Problem 2