Laura Lynne Duffy -Codebook for Professional Master's in Education Thesis

Reading the Codebook

This codebook was made in the method of Guest et al. (2012). The "Code" is a "short, descriptive mnemonic that helps the coder quickly distinguish codes from one another" (p. 53). The "Short Definition" is then what that Code stands for. The "Full Definition" describes they key features of the code / what it is intended to signify. The "When to Use" section tells you if there is anything specific to know about when applying the code (in reference to the Full Definition). It will often say "Apply to this expression," meaning apply when what is described in the Full Definition is seen. The "When Not to Use" section will not be used for every code. It is a section to explicit state if a code is not to be used for something that it could mistakenly be used for. Finally, the "Example" column provides an example of text with that each code would be applied for. In Applied Thematic Analysis, like Grounded Theory, it is essential that the codes, and therefore the findings, are "grounded" in the text.