Exploring Similarity in Rectangles

Use the rectangles, labels, and measurements you see here to answer the questions below.
1. ABCD ~ HIJK a) What do you notice about the relationships between side lengths? What do you notice about the angles? Use ratios to look for relationships. What proportions can you set up? b) How do the relationships you found change or stay the same when you change the size and shape of ABCD by moving points B and C? c) If you were asked to label corresponding sides[i], what pairs would you make? d) What about [i]corresponding angles? 2. ABCD is not similar to OLMN a) Explore the relationships between side lengths and angle measurements as in problem 1. a. What do you notice? b) What would you say is special about similar rectangles? c) Do you think LMNO ~ PQRS? Why or why not?