learning how to reflect

Follow the directions to learn reflection

1. First we must draw a line that the image will reflect across. A. select the menu item line (it is the 3rd menu item)Toolbar Image B. pick a point to start with, I suggest (1,6) C. pick a second point to fix the line in place. I suggest ( 2,1)   2. Now.. select the menu item reflect about a line. ( in menu box 9 after angles)Toolbar Image 3. Select Triangle ABC (Click in the center of the triangle, you will see the sides bold when it is selected) 4. Select the line you drew. (You will see the line bold when it is selected) FYI ** If at any point you feel you need to start over, click on the reset icon in the upper right hand corner of the graph.

Answer the following questions.

1. Were you able to draw the line? 2. Were you able to reflect the triangle? 3. Did the triangle reflect into the location you expected it to? Explain.