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Geogebra Introduction

Introduction to Geogebra

Geogebra is a great graphing and exploration tool that we will use at times this year. This worksheet is designed to help you explore the different tools that can be used with the program. If you hover over the tool, it will give you additional options, and it will tell you what you need to select in order to create your object. 1. In the box below, create two points using the 2nd tool (dot with an A), and then connect them using the segment tool. Measure the length of this segment. 2. Construct another point not on this segment, and then construct a line through this new point parallel to the existing segment. 3. Use the polygon tool (the 5th tool) to create a triangle. Do it again and create a hexagon. 4. Measure the interior angles of the hexagon. 5. Create a circle through a given point.