Lew W. S.
No doubt Geogebra is a very excellent tool for teaching and learning of mathematics around the world and increasingly being used in Singapore. Number of lessons employing Geogebra under various pedagogical approaches is evidence of its versatility. With constantly  rapid improvements made to adapt it to tablets, HTML5 browsers and to update its various supporting engines, educators will be attracted to learn to use it to create more engaging lessons. Use of applets whether in teacher led or student collaborative or self learning mode, should be accompanied by well crafted worksheets that foster thinking, understanding and develop problem solving skills. Paying more attention to making the students learning process and memory retention more effective and building their self directed learning capacity in ICT lessons is key to success. We look forward to advances in the areas below : 1.  Refinements in presentation and editing features : Font types, colour, highlight text, size      control 2.  Assessment of student learning : Incorporating features that enable less IT savvy educators to       set questions T/F, Multiple Choice Questions Fill in the Blanks, and get breakdown of scores. 3.  Engaged learning through gamification : Incorporate features that can allow easier creation      of game design elements, badges, stages of advancement , storyboarding, adventures etc. 4.  Setting up a Pedagogical & Education Research in Geogebra Section in Geogebra Forum:       (or Geogebra Tube?)      To enable Geogebra users (educators) to discuss, share ideas, collaborate on research and      disseminate research findings