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Non-Right Triangle - SSA - Ambiguous Case

Move the sliders to select the appropriate triangle. The show circle checkbox for side a will make a circle visible with a radius of a demonstrating the two possible sides. Check the show solutions checkbox to show the solutions.
Ambiguous Cases involving Sine Law Try to distinguish between each of the cases in the lesson Angle a is Acute (< 90) Case 1: a < bsinA --> No Solution possible Case 2: a = bsinA --> One solution (Right Triangle) Case 3: a > b sinA & a < b --> Two solutions Case 4: a > bsinA & a >= b --> One solution (i.e. Starting with isosceles) Angle a is obtuse ( > 90) Case 1: a <= bsinA --> too short. No triangle possible Case 2: a > bsinA --> one triangle possible