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Solids of Revolution

  • For DISK AROUND X-AXIS set g(x)=0 and k=0
  • For WASHER AROUND X-AXIS set k=0
  • "rev" slider sets angle of revolution of region around axis
  • "Trans" slider sets transparency invisible, translucent, opaque
  • "Washer" sets visibility of washer or disk
  • "Washer/Disk Pos'n" slides washer or disk along axis inside of solid
  • "Show Only Solid" hides everything except solid and axis
  • "Revolve" animates revolution of region around axis (kinda laggy)
  • "Spin It!" spins solid around y-axis
  • "Stop" stops revolution of region or spinning
  • "Reset View" centers view over x-y plane at axis
  • Click and drag 3D view to manually adjust
  • "Projection Type" button (4th) in 3D view to select 3D glasses
  • "Show or Hide Grid" button (2nd) in 3D view