drawing exercise: point (1)


Besides calculations we often ask students to draw things (points, lines, polygons...). An easy way to do this in GeoGebra is placing those objects in the screen to be dragged to the appropriate position.

How to do this?

  • Point solution: Define: a = RandomBetween(-5, 5) b = RandomBetween(-4, 4) Sol = (a, b)
  • Point P: Define P = (-14, 2) Rightclick on P to open the Properties and select the tab Advanced to define its dynamic colors: Red: If(P ≠ Sol, 1, 0) Green: If(P ≟ Sol, 0.7, 0) Blue: 0
  • Exercise: Create a dynamic text with the random defined exercise
  • show solution: Create a checkbox show to show hide the point Sol.
  • new exercise: Create a button with a script that recalculates the random numbers, replaces P to its original position and hids the point Sol: UpdateConstruction[] SetValue[P,(-14,2)] SetValue[show,false]