Joule experiment How to do
  • set the mass of the two suspended spheres in kg
  • set the mass of water contained in the calorimeter (includes the equivalent mass in water of the calorimeter) in grams
  • enter a value by moving the sliders or by entering the numbers in the corresponding boxes
  • press the "START" button, suspended objects will be free to fall under the action of gravity;
  • at the end of the fall the thermometer will mark a given temperature, greater than the initial one;
  • press the "START" button to drop the masses again ;
  • press the "RESET" button to reset all the initial conditions;
Proposed activity
  1. press the reset button
  2. record the initial temperature Ti
  3. drop the spheres n times
  4. record the final temperature Tf
  5. calculate the work done: L = 2mgh * n ( we have 2 falling masses and the height h = 2m)
  6. calculate the product heat : Q =ma (Tf-Ti) * c (c: specific heat of water = 1cal / (g ° C), ma = mass of water + equivalent mass in water of the calorimeter)
  7. calculate j = L / Q
NOTE mass of spheres  in kilograms water mass in grams sensitivity of the thermometer 0.1 C length of the fall 2m ±1cm