Improving Approximations for Pi with GeoGebra

The worksheet allows teachers and student to test different values for polygon sides and be able to compare the approximations of Pi between Archimedes' ad Snell-Huygens' methods. By inserting the numbers in the Input Box beside the number of sides caption, we can change the values of n starting with 6 and double it until 96. The corresponding numbers of n (= number of polygon sides), P_L (= Archimedes' lower limit of Pi), P_U (= Archimedes' upper limit of Pi), A_p (= average of P_L and P_U), and S_p (= Approximation of Pi by Snell-Huygens) will appear in the spreadsheet automatically The results showed that, when compared to Archimedes’ process, the Snell-Huygens’ method improves the approximation of Pi significantly with the same number of polygon sides.