Use the Geogebra applet as you explore translations and answer the following questions.

· Create a stick figure ·      Create a segment AB (A is the head of the vector and B is the tail) ·      Transform Menu – Translate by Vector ·       Select the stick figure (Highlight) ·      Select the tail and then the Head Question: How is the location of the stick figure related to the translation vector?

Drag the vector (segment) such that the tail lies on one of the points of the pre-image.  Question: Where is the head?  Why?

Us the segment tool to connect the corresponding points on the pre-image and image.  Question: What do you notice about these segments?  Why?

Drag Point A.  Question: What happens?  Why?

Predict what will happen if we drag B.  Drag point B.  Question: What happens?  Why?

Questions: What would happen if you translated a line segment?  What will be true about translating that line segment?  What about a line?

What will happen when you translate an angle?  Why?

Question: Given your experiences, define translation.