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Exploring Translations 4

Question 4

a) Describe how the object is translated. b) Is the image congruent to the pre-image?

Question 4 and a little bit more

Now click the line Toolbar Image tool. Draw a line connecting point A on the preimage to its corresponding point A on the image by clicking both points. If you make a mistake, first select the select Toolbar Image tool and then click the reset  button in the top right (it's a bit finicky, so you may have to click it more than once to get it to work). What is the slope of the line?

Question 4 and even more

Connect the rest of the points on the preimage to their corresponding points on the image (B to B, C to C, and D to D) using the line Toolbar Image tool. What are the slopes of the rest of the lines?

What did you notice about the lines? Do they ever intersect? There's a name for these kind of lines... Pay attention to the slopes, that will be important later.