Activity 2.4: Does the Data Fit?

Enter the data in the spreadsheet provided. Then enter the number of points you wish to plot and hit the Plot Points Button. You can then find your equation for the line of best fit and the Correlation Coefficient by checking the box.
What is the slope of the line of regression? Compare your slope to those of the other students with Activity 2.4. What do you notice? Compare your slope to those of others in your class (with other activities.) What do you notice? If a person's distance from shoulder to elbow is 30 cm, what would you expect the distance from elbow to finger tip to be? Why? Does it matter if your measurement was made in cm or inches? Why? A cubit is an ancient unit of measure that is believed to be based on the length of a person's forarm. If someone has a distance from shoulder to elbow of 20 inches, what would be that person's estimate of a cubit? Why? If another person's estimate of the cubit is 18 inches, how could you approximate the distance of the shoulder to elbow? Could you figure the sleeve length for that person? How?