Triangle Congruency Postulates for dtech

Hey dtech Geometry students! Let's see how many different (non-congruent) triangles that we can create given certain circumstances. Move the red dots around to try create different triangles. This will take a bit of practice. You can also change the shape of the original triangle, so try changing it's shape. A green triangle represents congruent triangles and orange triangles represent non-congruent triangles.
Copy and Answer these questions on page 2 of your Exit Ticket 4.1 1. Why is it ....that when all the sides of a triangle are the same length as another triangle, then both triangles MUST be congruent? 2. What does SAS mean? Even further, explain what Congruence by Side-Angle-Side means... 3. Which one of these: SSS, SAS, SSA, AAA does NOT help you prove that two triangles are congruent?