Rainbow snake

A new follower of mine made a copy of an inconspicuous worksheet "RAINBOW SNAKE!". The preview image only shows a red dot, so it received little attention. Jelle Torres Ruano had a brilliant idea: Let some points follow each other at a rate that is proportional to their mutual distance. This worksheet is an edited version of that "RAINBOW SNAKE". I added a parametric function to let the first red point follow a cyclic traject. A speed slider to change the speed of the leading red point and two check boxes: "Animate" to start and stop animation and "Trace" to draw to path of points. The real fun is that almost everything is done with the functionality of sliders. No complicated formulas are used to calculate the position of the following points. See also how fast everything recovers after disturbing the movement of a slider. I like the movement without the trace. The snake seems to move in a 3-dimensional space.