The GeoGebra Intro-Book Series

Introduction to GeoGebra 4.4

Remember the 'old' book called Introduction to GeoGebra?
  • Introduction for teachers to GeoGebra 
  • Composed of a series of 10 workshop handouts
  • Structured for use in workshops or self-learning
  • Created in 2008 and extended over the years
  • Covered all basics of GeoGebra 4.4
  • Available in 9 languages (thanks to our volunteer translators)

Quick Peek: Introduction to GeoGebra 5.0

Series of GeoGebra Tutorials based on the content of the 'old' Introduction to GeoGebra
  • Intro-Book 1: Basic Geometric Constructions
  • Intro-Book 2: Algebraic Input, Commands & Functions
  • Intro-Book 3: Visualizing Mathematical Concepts
  • Intro-Book 4: Creation of Instructional Materials
  • Intro-Book 5: Custom Tools and Customizing the Toolbar
  • Intro-Book 6: Conditional Visibility and Sequences
  • Intro-Book 7: Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Intro-Book 8: Computer Algebra with GeoGebra
  • Intro-Book 9: 3D Geometry with GeoGebra
  • ...
Further Intro-Books covering more advanced topics are planned for the future.