Riemann Summ/ i - pairs

Riemann Sum - Checking my geometry in known equations, to see outcomes; not necessarily trying to solve the problem?(This does not fit the Graph) Just for "Show" of idea. In this application I had to restrict (n): 0 to 1. The reason I want to post this: I am not trying to find the Zero’s – I just want to see if my geometry will give reasonable numbers, using known equations: To see if my geometry is Valid? It seems to be. 1) Slider (n) – adjust when the values in both equations = each other to see range. 2) Slider(s) – when making adjustment to the equations – Adjust slider (S) first. 3) Slider(t) – adjust slider(t) 2nd ; Fine tune “ t “ by using the input box – t. 4) After making adjustments – Use Slider(n) to see the range and how close the values stay together. 5) Try to match numbers – Then move slider “ n “ to see range and how closely the values stay close
Try to match the numbers - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riemann_hypothesis Or, look at the relationships and see how they are connected. 1) I am simply trying to check my geometry to see if I can show that it works and is valid, as well as being "new" to the student, in terms of relationship! 2) I have been verifying the relationship: It's good to go. You can match the two equations together while the third equation; Top is the exponent. It works - Use the input box