Intro to Geogebra

What is Geogebra?

Geogebra is an online tool that we can use to help us with Geometry.

Shapes in Geogebra

Here are a few different shapes made in Geogebra. Move the points that are blue around, and see what happens.

What can you do with Geogebra?

Geogebra allows us to create geometric shapes, measure them, and manipulate them.

Make lines

  1. Make a line that goes through points A and B.
  2. Make a segment that goes through points C and D.
  3. Make a ray that starts at E and passes through F.

Make circles.

Make a circle in three different ways.
  1. Make a circle with a centre that goes through a point.
  2. Make a circle with a centre and a radius of 2.
  3. Make a circle that goes through three points.

Measure lines

Select the Distance or Length tool. Now click on the point A, and then B.

Measure angles

Below are points A, B and C. Find ABC with the Angle tool by clicking A, B then C.