Transform the rational function

Mr Creamer
Transform the rational function 1. Show just k =2, then turn on h(x) and or m(x) - this shows that a horizontal dilation for the rational function is the same as a vertical dilation Both are equivalent to xy=k 2. Show just k change, See what happens as k changes - look at symmetry on y=x The reciprocal function is the inverse of itself! For k>0 look at the point (square root k, square root k) which is a kind of an alternative measure of how far the curve has been dilated 3. Show just seek target, In the input box try expressions like 2*f(x)+3, f(3x)-1, etc (unfortunately the input box immediately converts to a direct function of x, fo remember the expression you write) You want to transform f to the target function. so keep trying until g(f(x)) is shifted on top of target(x)