Demo Worksheet

A nice heading always helps

And how about some text to describe what the worksheet is all about.  This worksheet is simply to show off the great GeoGebra software. Search, create, share anything you can imagine in STEAM education. 

New Features for Profile Pages

Pretty soon everyone will have really powerful features for their profile pages - which can essentially enable any person, young or old, rich or poor, smart or.... you get the idea. Anyway, yes, anyone can create a fantastic home pages on GeoGebra to support STEAM education learning - worldwide!
Just thinking about demoing the Followers feature
Just thinking about demoing the Followers feature

GeoGebraBook + more

There is so much you can do with the features in GeoGebraTube - creating books and groups, dropping in external links, video files, porting content to offline packages for mobile anywhere anytime learning, collaborating with colleagues and friends, etc etc.  More on all that another time.