Sagnac effect - Real model

Max Born
Sagnac effect: Real model Every fibre optic gyroscope (FOC) implements the sagnac effect. The path of the light is modelled by a circle. In the FOC the coil of fibres acts like a polygon with one mirror at each point. The time elapsed during the passing of the two beams gives a measure of the fringe shift that may be detected when the whole apparatus is rotating. To change the time use the slider t, to change the rotational speed use the slider ß.
Just learn about the sagnac effect when playing with the sagnac model. Lessons to learn: - There is a crossing of the two beams. Why? - The higher the rotational speed the greater the total distance needed to meet the getter. - In order to calculate the shift Delta-z the difference of travel time (t_L-t_R) is used. But this cannot be used as an explanatory solution. Why! Have fun!