Exponents - Grade 7

Name ______________________ Date ______________ Class __________________ GeoGebra Exponent Exercise – 7th grade 1. Open GeoGebra. 2. In the top menu-bar, click on View, then Spreadsheet. 3. Inside the spreadsheet window, click inside cell A1. 4. Type in x^2, then press enter. 5. Now, inside cell A2 type 2^x, then press enter. 6. Exit out of spreadsheet window (hit X in top right corner of window). There should be two curves on the graph window. 7. The style bar is located just under the main tool bar. Click on the first two icons to view the axis and the grid. 8. The main tool bar has large icons. Click on the Point icon (second from left) and select ‘Intersect.’ 9. There are three points where these two curves intersect. Find these points and click on them. Use the Move Graphics View tool (farthest icon on right) if you need. You can also zoom in and zoom out using the same icon. 10. Go back up to the menu bar. Click on View and select ‘Algebra.’ 11. The window that appears will show three (x, y) coordinate points.
Using the two formulas we first placed into the spreadsheet; mathematically explain why the three coordinate points are the intersection points of the two curves.