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Example A

Example A

Fining the distance between 2 points can be tough, but imply applying a formula will have you calculating distances in no time! The formula to remember for instances where you can't simply count the squares is shown in the picture below. First, you must fin the difference between both of the X values, then find the difference between both of the Y values, after that find the square of each of those amounts. Adding the two totals and finding the square root of that will give you the distance! In Example A, point A is located at (1,1), and point B is found on (5,2). The difference between the X points is 4, and the Y difference is 1. With this information, you would square 4 to get 16, and 1 to get 1. 16+1 is 17, and to complete this, all you need is to find the square root of 17. The square root of 17 is 4.123. The distance of line AB is 4.123.

Distance Formula

Distance Formula

Practice Time!

After knowing how to find distance, try some practice problems on your own. When you are done, check the text box below to see if you got the correct answer.

Practice Problem 1

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Practice Problem 2

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Practice Problem 3

Answer: Problem 3

6! That was an easy one!