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Equilateral Shapes?

This exploration/ lesson is about shapes that have equal side lengths all around, or equilateral shapes. The activity not only has students identifying shapes based off specific properties, but it has them interacting and manipulating them to see if they are true to their shape or not. Students will get hands on experience with these 3 basic shapes allowing them to expand their knowledge of them and the property that is being equilateral. The following standards can be found within this activity: CCSS.Math.Content.K.G.A.2 Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size. CCSS.Math.Content.1.G.A.1 Distinguish between defining attributes (e.g., triangles are closed and three-sided) versus non-defining attributes (e.g., color, orientation, overall size); build and draw shapes to possess defining attributes. CCSS.Math.Content.2.G.A.1 Recognize and draw shapes having specified attributes, such as a given number of angles or a given number of equal faces.1 Identify triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes. CCSS.Math.Content.3.G.A.1 Understand that shapes in different categories (e.g., rhombuses, rectangles, and others) may share attributes (e.g., having four sides), and that the shared attributes can define a larger category (e.g., quadrilaterals). Recognize rhombuses, rectangles, and squares as examples of quadrilaterals, and draw examples of quadrilaterals that do not belong to any of these subcategories.