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Parametric Equations - Point on a Basketball

A basketball is shot as depicted above. You can watch it in slow motion by adjusting the slider. If the basketball has a radius of and is shot at from a height of at an angle of radians with velocity of , find the parametric equations describing its motion. Simplify what you can. You can check this by typing the equations in the boxes above to make sure it matches the black line. Typically, when a basketball is shot, it has backspin on it. Write the parametric equations that would describe the motion of the point starting at the top of the basketball and moving counterclockwise, if the basketball completes 4 revolutions each second. For these equations, assume the center of the basketball is at the origin. Now add your two pairs of equations together to trace the path of point as the basketball is in flight. Type your equations into the boxes for and to see if you are correct. Your equation will be plotted in blue.