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Orbit trajectory calculated by using induktion. Gravitational field around at mass decreases proportional to the square of the distance. This is a simulation of a light mass orbit around a heavy primary. It is made with this line in the input-bar: EXECUTE[Join[{"S_{1}=(0,5)","S_{2}=(0.5,5.2)"},Sequence["S_{"+(i+2)+"} = 2*S_{"+(i+1)+"} - S_{"+(i)+"}-S_{"+(i+1)+"} / Length[S_{"+(i+1)+"}]^3",i,1,192]]] We start with S_{1} and S_{2} as locations at time 1 and 2 and induce more points from those two positions. S_{n+1}=S_{n}+v(n)+a(n).