iShortcut Geometry Vol. 2: Triangles All too often students memorize concepts without fully understanding how they work. This method of learning is often frustrating and unsatisfying. IShortcut is different. IShortcut simplifies fundamental concepts in Geometry by providing a range of interactive diagrams, illustrations, and figures. After each lesson, test your knowledge with review questions. Don’t struggle reading lengthy explanations. Learn by engaging with interactive diagrams. Each diagram gives you the ability to manipulate visuals. As you transform the visual, you can see how variables, and triangles change. After using this system, you’ll have a strong understanding of these essential concepts. This book is suitable for grades 6 and higher and is at the level of high school geometry. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an interactive diagram is worth a thousand pictures. Don’t waste time trying to visualize the concept in your head. Simply engage with this system and master geometry.
iShortcut Geometry Vol. 2: Triangles