Copy of Bisecting an Angle

Bisecting an Angle
Follow the steps below to bisect angle ABC:
  1. Using B as center, use the circle tool to draw an arc of any radius.
  2. Construct a point where that circle intersects ray BA and label the point as X. Construct another point where the circle intersects ray BC and label that point as Y.
  3. Using X as center and a radius that is a little more than halfway from X to Y, draw a circle.
  4. Use the segment tool to draw a radius of the circle you just constructed in Step 3.
  5. Use the Compass tool and select the segment you just constructed in Step 4 and point Y to construct a circle centered at Y with the same radius as the circle you constructed in Step 4.
  6. Construct point Z where the circles constructed in Steps 3 and 5 intersect.
  7. Draw ray BZ.
Ray BZ bisects angle ABC.