Manipulating Triangles


Triangle Worksheet

In this worksheet you will be working with two triangles, one of them has the ability to adjust all 3 points (vertices) and change the inside angles as well as the side lengths. The other triangle can be manipulated only to change size to show area of an equilateral triangle. With this you will experiment with each triangle to figure out how they work and what makes the unique.


Triangle, angles.

Using the cursor, you can drag and move the point on the triangle. This will change the angles and even the side lengths that are given. 1. Can you create a right triangle? 2. Dragging the points can you make and equilateral triangle, all sides and angle must be congruent. 3. Can you create a scalene triangle with one obtuse angle in it? 4. Is it possible to have more than one right angle inside the triangle?

Triangle, Area

Using the two blue points you can drag and change the size of this equilateral triangle. 1. How do you know that this is an equilateral triangle? Give examples. 2. What formula do you use to find the area of a triangle? 3. How can you have to the triangle area be equal to 4?

Standards Targeted

3.MD.C.5.A, 3.MD.C.5.B, 3.MD.C.6, 3.MD.C.7.A, 3.MD.C.7.B, 3.MD.C.7.C, 3.MD.C.7.D, 4.MD.C.5.A, 4.MD.C.5.B, 4.MD.C.7


Out of the two shapes provided, which shape was the easiest to learn from and gave you new insight on angles and measurement?