Student Work Sheet: Grid -20 to 20 by -20 to 20

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This worksheet will allow you to graph any points on an xy-coordinate grid using Quadrant IV. This worksheet will allow you to graph any points on an xy-coordinate grid. Points will capture on grid intersections, if you want to change this go to the Options menu and change the Point Capturing options. Use the Input box to enter relations you wish to graph. Use the point tool ToolImage[1] to plot individual points, second menu icon. Use the segment tool ToolImage[15] the create line segments, third menu icon drop down to second choice. To move the grid use the Move Drawing Pad ToolImage[40] tool, rightmost menu icon. Students can also plot a table of values and validate by typing the equation into the Function Input line. Notes:
  • To modify the axes select: Options | Drawing Pad. Or right-click and select Properties. On this screen you will be able to access the tools to modify the coordinate axes and the look of the Drawing Pad.
  • The default setting for the point tool ToolImage[1] on this page is: On Grid This means that the tool will not graph fractional points, only at grid intersection. This is changeable in the Options menu.
The graphing of simple points, functions, and picture graphs. You can move the drawing pad, re-adjust its size, and change zoom factors.
Sample Picture Math constructions. This page will also assist students in drawing picture graphs such as those at the following sites: What Picture is This (Kite construction) Quadrant I: Sample 3-D: Sample