IM3.7B.1 Exit Ticket

Lind, Jon

Consider the following questions, or make up one of your own (imagine you’re in a large school in a 10th grade class of around 400 students): ♣ What proportion of tenth graders at our high school are taking at least one course outside of school? ♣ What is the typical number of hours a tenth grader at our high school studies outside of school hours on a weekday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday)? ♣ What is the typical time (in minutes) that students at our high school spend getting to school? ♣ What is the proportion of students at our high school who plan to attend a college outside of Asia after graduation? ♣ What is the typical amount of time (in hours per week) that students at our high school are involved in community service? Select one of these questions (or a different statistical question that has been approved by your teacher). Working with your partner (include your partner's name below), write a paragraph that:

  • States the statistical question of interest pertaining to the students in the population for the statistical question selected. (What do you want to know?)
  • Identifies a population characteristic of interest. (What characteristic are you trying to describe?)
  • Identifies the appropriate statistic based on a sample of 40 students. (How will you measure it?)
  • States what property your sample must have for you to be able to use its results to generalize to all students in your high school.
  • Includes the details on how you would select your sample.