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False Position Problem 2: A Fish Tale

DIRECTIONS: 1.     Make ANY guess for the total weight of the fish. 2.     Calculate the results using the guess. (How much would the body segment weigh, if the entire fish weighed that?) 3.     How far off is your guess from the true value needed (30 ounces). 4.     Try using the answer in question 3 to scale your guess.You have just discovered the ancient method of false position! NEED A HINT? (2) Show algebraic expression under the problem. (3) I used my guess and got __ for the body weight. But I needed 30 ounces. What could I multiply __ (my results) by to get 30? This is my scale. Now can you scale your guess? REFERENCES: Sanford, V. (1951). The rule of false position. The Mathematics Teacher (5)307.