Line of Best FIt

Input the following sets of points into the table to the left and answer the questions below. Depth (A): {0, 25, 50 ,100, 150} Pressure (B): {100, 145, 178, 245, 344}
Step 1: Input points from above the applet Step 2: Highlight the points, right-click, create, list of points. Step 3: You will need to zoom out until all 5 points are visible. Step 4: Change the color and thickness of the line to make the line easier to view. Directions: 1.) Are there any outliers in the set of points above. If so which ones? 2.) Change the coordinates of point B to (-100, 250). What do you notice about the line of best fit? 3.) What do you think the line of best fit represents in the context of the problem? (hint, its depth vs pressure) 4.) Return point B back to its original set of coordinates 5.) If you were 32 feet bellow ground, what would you expect the pressure to be (note: this problem is not exact measurements, I made it up) 5.) If your pressure gauge read 444 under what depth would you be at under water.