Quadrilateral Detective

The quadrilaterals below have all been stopped by the geometry police for suspicious behavior near a geometry crime scene. It is your job as Quadrilateral Detectives to gather information about these shapes. You need to investigate the properties of these quadrilaterals and determine what name best suits them. Each shape has a list of possible names, you need to determine which name is the best fit, meaning which one gives us the most specific details about the shape, and then determine which shape is most likely to be the criminal based on the number of aliases, or names it can go by. For this worksheet, we will be using the EXCLUSIVE definition of a trapezoid, meaning that it must have EXACTLY one pair of parallel sides. Other definitions: Parallelogram- 2 pairs of parallel sides Kite- 2 pairs of adjacent sides the same length Rectangle- 4 90° angles, opposite sides are equal length Rhombus- All 4 sides equal length Square- 4 90° angles, all 4 sides equal length Irregular- Does not fit in other categories