Rotational Symmetry

Rotational symmetry or Cn is when an object is symmetric about a point by a certain amount of degrees. This means that when an object is rotated a certain degree it would still look the same as before. The n refers to how many times the object is rotated to create a 360 degree pattern. 360/N is used to determine the degrees between each rotation. This applet explores the idea of Cn symmetry. You are able to change the degrees between each rotation allowing for more or less amounts. You are also able to change the color of the points. As you explore how large of an angle between rotations can you have? How many rotations does this allow your object to have? How small can you make the angle? How many rotations does this allow? What different shapes can you make with Cn symmetry? Can you make Dn symmetry with this Cn symmetry applet?