Learn how to use Rotation


Follow the directions to Rotate the figure.

1. First you must choose a pivot point. This is the center of the rotation.    Select the menu item point Toolbar Image (it is the second icon)   pick a point  on the graph. Although you need to do them one at a time, I suggest you try a few, like point C, the origin(0,0), and point (1,3) 2. Select the transformations icon Toolbar Image and select Rotate around Point. 3. Click into the center of the triangle (you should see the sides get thicker). 4. Click the point that you made in step 1 (you should see it get bolder). 5. A text box will pop up if you did it right. Select clockwise.  ( counter clockwise will send it to a section of the graph that we are not viewing right now). 6. Decide how many degrees your triangle will rotate and type the number in the box. 7. Click ok You can now click on the reset button in the upper right hand corner of the graph and try another point.

Answer the following questions

1. Were you able to put a point on the graph? 2. Were you able to find Rotate around Point? 3. Were you able to get the text box to pop up? 4. Were you able to rotate your figure? 5. Did it go where you expected it to go? Explain. 6. Did you try more than one point? Which ones did you try? 7. Can you compare and contrast the changes you made, different points, clockwise vs counterclockwise, different degrees ... tell me about the different things you tried and what happened because of your choices.