Simple Earth / Sun Model

Ethan Hall
Simple model Earth relative to Sun - demonstrating the cycle of the year and the day.
1. You can select a latitude by moving the blue point. 2. Go through the year by moving the blue slider. 3. Go through the day by moving the black slider. Key questions and terms: 1. Solstices - when is the longest/shortest day of the year where you live? How long is it? 2. Difference between northern and southern hemisphere. 3. Tropic of cancer, Tropic of capricon. 4. Arctic and Antarctic circles - What happens around northern and southern poles around the solstices? 5. How long are the days in the equator. 6. How does a sundial work? - How can you determine at what time of the day/year a picture was taken? 7. Where should solar panels point?