PBT (Part 1) - Quick

In the applet below, note the RED POINT. Notice how the RED POINT is ALWAYS EQUIDISTANT (the same distance away) from the ENDPOINTS of the gray segment. That is, the RED POINT is always remains the SAME DISTANCE AWAY from the ENDPOINTS of segment AB. Directions: 1) Drag the RED POINT around for a bit. 2) Then, move point(s) A and/or B around, clear the trace, and then drag the RED POINT around again. 3) Repeat steps (1) and (2) several times. Answer the questions that appear below the applet.


What vocabulary term (adjective) would describe the angle at which the collection of all these red points intersects the gray segment?


What does this collection of points (line, in this case) do to the gray segment?


What general conclusion can you make about ANY POINT that is equidistant (that is, equally distant) from the ENDPOINTS of a segment? Where does it lie?