Matching Pair Quiz Template

Lew W.S.
This is a template file for 4 item drag and drop matching quiz with scoring. 1. textc1 to c4 are labels for the containers c1 to c4 (conic regions) 2. corners of poly1 to poly4 (with ITEM1 to 4 text) can be used to attach images to match corresponding c1 to c4. 3. RESET button will shuffle c1 to c4 and poly1 to poly4 and reset score to 0. 4. The user being quizzed will not see the labels. Instead they will try to match the items with the correct label by dragging into respective regions. 5. After dragging to regions, the user will click on Check Answer button. Feedback (Correct or Wrong Response, turther customisation possible) will be given. 6. User can remain on same question and try until all items are matched (Check Answer button is to be clicked for each attempt to get feedback) 7. Score is displayed (score + scorenow) and upon clicking New Question button, the score is accumulated from score = score + scorenow.
Your challenge is to use this matching pair quiz template to design some mathematics exercise, ranging from Level 1. simple matching of images to correct labels, Level 2. set of predefined mathematical functions/problems and the correct solutions Level 3. set of automatically generated mathematical problems and solutions Level 4. modify this template and design more complex problems and solutions