Vocabulary and Units

Beginning of Part 1

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If you need hints, you can choose your answers from this list, but you're welcome to just write correct answers in, including multiple answers as appropriate.
absolute zero amplitude angular speed blackbody radiation Bohr model diffraction electron volts forcefrequency hertz index of refraction interference joules kelvins linear speed mediummeters meters per second newtons newtons per meter oscillation pascals period photoelectric effectphoton Plank's constant pressure radians radians per second reflection refraction seconds


What are standard scientific units of measurement for each of the following? (Give the term and the units in your answer so I can be sure which goes with which!)

  • frequency
  • linear speed
  • angular speed
  • period
  • angle
  • force
  • energy

term for the substance a wave travels through

term for distance traveled divided by time taken

term for how many cycles are completed in a given time

term for the concept that waves "spread out" when they go through a narrow opening

term for the concept that when waves meet, they "add up"

term for the size of a wave (not how long it is but how 'big' it is)

term for the time to complete one cycle

term for the concept that waves "bounce" off of the boundary where two media meet

term for the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in another substance

term for the concept that waves "bend" when they move from one medium to another

term for a particle of light

term for the concept that heated objects give off a distinct spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that depends on the temperature of the object

term for the experiment that shows that light can knock electrons off of metals

End of Part 1

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