Unit Circle Investigation

See instructions below.

Use the slider to move point P to various places. What do you notice about the values of the cos and sin in relation to the coordinates of point P? Explain

Move P so that the tan = 1. What is the exact measurement of this angle? How many possible angles exist with a tangent = 1? Explain.

Find the equivalent decimal radian measure of the following Find the sin, cos and tan for each angle and enter their values in the space below.

Explain why the sin is positive in quadrants I and II.

Explain why the cosine is positive in quadrants I and IV.

In what quadrant or quadrants is the tangent negative? Explain.

What is the value of and its multiples? Why?

Find two angles in each quadrant that are multiples of or Compare the values of their trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine and tangent) and explain their similarities and differences. Make sure to include the angles in your answer.